Dear Collaborator:

Hereby we inform you that Summerwind S.L. will be our general sales agent for Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Avior Airlines is the Venezuelan airline with major growth in this area in recent years. Based in Barcelona (Venezuela) and Caracas. It flies to the most important destinations in Venezuela and also to international destinations such as Miami, Panama, Guayaquil, Curacao, Aruba, Bogota, Medellin and Manaus.

Our flights are available in GDS with 9V code, but can also be issued with H1 code.

We are proceeding the entrance to the Spain BSP and we will shortly announce when we’re done with the process, by that time we will have our own code 9V.

For any further information you can contact Summerwind Spain on the phone 91 748 00 30 or by email